“Excellent museum showcasing what life was like for WW2 POWs. Also holds historical info regarding Chinese efforts in WW2. Would recommend to anyone visiting SF! Thank you.”



“We are glad you have created these memorials/museums. Peace is needed in our hearts and minds.”

-Patricia, Ron, & Ryan


“While wandering around S.F. waiting to see my daughter on Father’s Day, I decided to step into this exhibit. I am so glad I did! It was great to learn something new. We must never forget things like this.”

– Aaron







“Since elementary school, i had always been a huge WWII history buff, But I never really delved into the Chinese role in the Second World War. I had always dismissed their part as minor, however, after reading a book about the battle in Shanghai, I realized how deep and large the Chinese conflict was. The Second Japanese war is an extremely interesting part of history and I am glad to have researched it. I think it is really great that the WWII pacific Memorial Hall is helping to spread more awareness for China’s critical struggle.”

-David, Middle School Student form Austin, Texas


“Thank you for sharing this information. It was nice learning more about WW2 in Asia.”



“Thank you for presenting and telling this story of an awful chapter in history. Our thanks and gratitude are extremely to all who are working so hard to reserve and build a future world in peaceful. All we thank in particular the officials, man and women who are working to bring the Korean family together in peace.”



“We loved the exhibit of Camp in Shenyang. We lived and worked in Shenyang for 2 years, at the US consulate. When we were there,2004-2006, we visited Camp ,which is still there.”



“I enjoyed learning, about all of the information on exhibit. I also was very pleased with Frank. He was very helpful and pleasant. Thank you for being here.”

– Richard


“Very interesting museum, we enjoyed it, very friendly and informative volunteer.”


“This place is incredible. I learned a lot about POWs and how they were treated in the war.”

“As an average middle schooler, I believe this was one of the best experience in my trip to chain town.”

“This place is really cool! Best field trip ever!”

– Students from Charlotte Wood Middle School